About Us


My philosophy

You don't need to be unique to be creative.

My Story

I used to dream. I still do. But somewhere along the line, I started trying to live my dreams - and I couldn't. Because, once I started trying, I realized that my life held deeper mysteries.This blog is an exploration of my life, and what I find from it.

Meet the team

The team is me, and all the people  in my life. And by people, I also mean animals, streets, cities, rains, memories....They are all people.And I can't include all of them here.


Eldhose lives and wanders in Hyderabad, India. He is doing his B.A in English there. Eldhose believes in music, in rain, in art, in love, in stupidity, in Photoshop, and a lot more..He is not such a bad guy.

Next Steps...

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